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"I found the last 8 days of intensive Training very insightful, FUN and sometimes mind boggling in a O..M..G way! I have picked up so many little golden nuggets along the way... opening up my eyes, my heart and mind! "We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are” ~Anaïs Nin~ I think awareness is key to understanding the inner worlds we live in!!!"
Depika M, coach and management consultant

“People can be surpised to hear NLP began as a healing therapy: when they see the results we understand the power of this holistic technique embracing and enhancing the human condition, from healing to sales, meditation to business.
I learned to listen with attention. I learned to speak with confidence. I learned to understand what clients are not saying. What else does it take to be an effective communicator?"
Kris Deva North


“I could see the results happening there and then. I can use it not only in working with clients but in my 'normal' life. I am using it and it is working. It can help you change instantly."
Mrs UD

“...treatments have already become more effective...teaching more clear more quickly...talking with my partner even more illuminating..."

“I started the training in order to become a more effective teacher - that worked! Later, on the Masters' training, when I confessed to a terror of heights (a short ladder was a challenge) Kris used me to demonstrate the “fast phobia cure.” A week later I signed up for circus skills to try the Trapeze at the Circus Space. I loved it!”

“Someone told me that freedom means having a choice. Now, at last, after years of addiction and trying different methods, and just one session with Kris, I can control my smoking. I never wanted to give up: my family smoke and I like to enjoy an occasional cigarette with them. But now I have mastered the habit, am smoke-free when I choose - most days - and never more than three.” Mrs KR

"Since my training I have programed my mind in such a way is unbelievable, " I CAN DO IT" has changed my life... I let myself go more and I don´t panic with a great amount of work or studies..." SR


Society of NLP Accredited Courses
Certification by Dr Richard Bandler, Co-Founder of NLP
Training with Kris Deva North CertEd FE, SNLP Licensed Trainer

NLP Intensive training is learning how to help yourself and others succeed, achieve ambitions, fulfil desires, and solve problems, in short to get the edge, whether at work or play, business or healing, to become more effective!

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At Kentish Town Studio, 141-145 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London NW1 8PB

It is surprisingly easy to change our mindset. Anyone who wants to can do it. We can reframe for positivity, or success, creativity, motivation, organisation, health, happiness...you choose. We can do it, even if we have become used to strong negative beliefs since childhood.
Reframing mindset means to let go conditioned thought-patterns put upon us by others, to replace those thoughts with new more useful patterns to lead the life we want, think our own thoughts, reclaim our power. We can feel the difference, and see improvement in communication, at home, at work, or out and about - social situations, sports, helping others, for example and by example!

Practitioner and Master-Practitioner qualifications are the internationally recognised Certificates of the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming.

Its perfectly normal, isn’t it, to want a better life, achieve your ambitions and fulfil your desires, solve problems, let go some baggage, drop a few of those unnecessary habits – especially the more expensive ones! Lose a few fears or phobias, even help others do the same. Funnily enough, once we’ve started on something it seems to spread into other areas, a kind of virtuous cycle of well-being, satisfaction, achievement, from the magnificent to the mundane...hear more here

The truth is, NLP started as a healing therapy, mastering mind by using mind's own natural techniques to bring about change. Our reflective approach sounds a deep chord of appreciation as we learn to use these incredibly powerful techniques, these proven ways that really work, with care and understanding.

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Free Talks and Demos help you make up your own mind, without pressure or obligation.
The training provides 'workshop manuals' for using your mind to best effect. NLP's tried and tested techniques are the keys to the 'secret codes' that unlock your mind's potential, giving you better command over your feelings and control over your thoughts, and a remarkable power to help others fulfil their own potential. "Teach them to fish!"


2nd March 2016 7pm to8.30pm @ Kentish Town Studio, Camden, NW1 8PB

NOTE: you are not required to attend the free Talk and Demo to qualify for Practitioner Training.
This evening is to help those who want to find out more, in fact to gain a high enough level of information, insight and practice of NLP to make up their mind about it without commitment;
is this something you want to do for yourself?
is NLP something you might want to use to help others?
is this both?
There is no pressure and no obligation. In NLP you make your own choices.
Register your interest NOW and receive newsletter, updates and early information.

Next Practitioner & Master-Practitioner 8-Day Intensive Certification Trainings

Practitioner March 21st thru 28th 10.30am to 6pm

Master-Practitioner May 23rd thru 30th 10.30am to 6pm

Venue: Kentish Town Studio, Camden, NW1 8PB
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Training is with Society of NLP Licensed Trainer Kris Deva North, Founder of the Healing NLP Institute. Certification is by Dr Richard Bandler, co-Founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, John La Valle, and Kris Deva North

Neuro-Linguistic Programming shows us how to make the most of ourselves and how to help others become the best they can be.


Is NLP only for people in the caring professions?”
Everyone cares for someone in some way and NLP works just as well for business and personal or professional development. The techniques are the same: you choose how, when, where and with whom to apply them. Anyone who prefers our more reflective approach can benefit from the training, however you want to use it.
The qualification is the full NLP Practitioner or Master-Practitioner Certificate, accredited to the Society of NLP, and signed by Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Kris Deva North.

One frequently asked question is "Why is the length of NLP Intensive Training shorter than those of some other NLP-style organisations?"
And the answer is that NLP's founder Richard Bandler encourages his Licensed Trainers to teach this dynamic system the same way he does - dynamically!! His question is "Why take longer? If you want to make more money then run more courses and train more people. NLP is stripping down to the essentials, without adding padding!"

"How does NLP Intensive Training apply to work as a physical therapist?"
Understanding what the client is really saying and what they are not saying: the deep structure underlying the surface expression of their needs.

"Is the course related in any way to hypnosis or psychotherapy?"
Hypnotic or meditational techniques form an integral part of the training: both having similar effects in relaxing the client. NLP is used by some psychotherapists. Some NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners also have qualifications in psychotherapy.

"Are there any exams or tests at the end of the course?"
Assessment, feedback, help and encouragement are continuous throughout both Practitioner and Masters training.


Kris founded the Healing NLP Institute in London after obtaining his Trainer Licence directly with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and John La Valle, offering Society of NLP accredited Practitioner and Master Practitioner training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

“Whether complementary therapist or medical practitioner, we have a duty of care to our clients. The methods of NLP blend seamlessly with my base practice, keeping me entirely satisfied that I have done everything to fulfil that duty of care, in every treatment, with every client. And that is a very good feeling to take home from the clinic, every single day.

“Add the personal benefit from NLP Intensive Training: in building a practice, running seminars and tutorials, group discussions, speaking in public, helping people get over fears and phobias, seeing them gain confidence to share in their own self-healing.

“NLP makes me a more effective practitioner helping others become more effective human beings. And that starts right when you start. It is immediate, effective, and lasting.

"Working with clients, developing my practice, training practitioners and masters, I have found the NLP principles transmitted by Richard Bandler to be highly effective; dovetailing perfectly with the elemental model of oriental medicine. The sheer healing power of anchoring positive emotional states in the organ-meridian and energy-centre networks can have an immediate, profound and lasting effect.

"This practice makes a serious difference to evaluation, with results to match as you become a more effective practitioner, teacher and individual.

"NLP was developed as a healing therapy. To me, it takes the chance out of diagnosis.
I want to share this with you. Join me.”

Kris has contributed to an anthology around success in recession, 'Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times' with Wayne Dyer and others,
and again with Mantak Chia on a book on Taoist Shamanism, Taoist Shaman
and From Stress to VITALITY NOW! Secrets of Love and Life Mastery for Men and Women integrating the best of Taoist Practice with NLP.

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NLP Masters and Practitioner Training London 2015

NLP Masters and Practitioner Training London 2014

NLP Masters and Practitioner Training London

NLP Master-Practitioner Training London

NLP Practitioner Training London

NLP Practitioner Training London

NLP Practitioner Training London

NLP Practitioner Training Spring

 Graduates of the Healing NLP Institute Practitioner Training certified by the Society of NLP (Richard Bandler) with Licensed Trainer Kris Deva North August 2009

 Graduates of the Healing NLP Institute Practitioner Training certified by the Society of NLP (Richard Bandler) with Licensed Trainer Kris Deva North August 2009

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Kris Deva North

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right."
Henry Ford

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